As a brand produced and based in the UAE, we are the biggest fans of the wonderful desert travelers in the country. We have a great partnership with a lovely camel-farm where we source our fresh Camel’s milk that can be found in our “Dromadaire” Enriching Milk Bath.

Camelicious operates as a farm, where the camels are tended and milked. It is also a one of a kind research centre, studying the use and care of camels for dairy purposes, as well as the health benefits of camel milk for potential pharmaceutical use.

With over 3000 camels living in the farm, they make sure that the animals are fed a diet of hay, with occasional carrots as a treat to keep them healthy. Living in a happy environment, each camel has their own unique character and appearance.

Camel’s milk is a continuously growing trend mostly in the Middle Eastern region because of its health benefits and culinary potential. Here at Hammamii, we make use of its unique healing properties and exceptional abilities to nourish and remineralize the skin.